The only grow lights designed by nature.

Gn, a minimal footprint and a brilliantly  led grow lights simple set up method.

Bios develop merchandise are best for indoor, greenhouse, and vertical developing programs. Our excessive efficacy, full spectrum white mild solutions offer an unequalled balance of plant production manage, visible acuity, and ease of use.

Grow Lighting for Cannabis
Our spectrally-engineered lighting fixtures merchandise are flawlessly balanced, bringing you the enterprise’s most green and powerful white mild fixtures for commercial cannabis manufacturing. All IP66 rated, sincerely industrial grade, and greater long lasting with a washer-friendly glass lens that gained’t scratch, yellow, or lose depth through the years.



Controlled Environmental Agriculture Applications

Green House Farming
BIOS IP66 wet-rated, full-spectrum LEDs are robust, without difficulty cleaned, and equipped to develop. Designed for manufacturing, our LED lighting fixtures assist growers recognition on their flowers as opposed to their lighting.

Vertical Farming
BIOS LEDs provide precise traits that assist your developing facility grow up. Our RapidRack™ tool-unfastened mounting answer integrates seamlessly into Grow Racks and our LED develop lights provide enterprise-main uniformity at close distance.

Indoor Farming
Decrease warm spots, and decrease HVAC loads & power charges by using 50% while you replace HPS bulbs with Bios complete-spectrum LEDs. We assist growers unlock their plant’s capability by bringing the strength of herbal light interior.

Do You Know About Rebates?
Bios has an in-residence rebate professional as a way to assist become aware of extra financial savings unique for your operation. By discovering neighborhood, kingdom, and country wide rebate and financial help programs, we’re able to shorten your return on investment and ensure you are maximizing financial savings.

The BIOS Difference
At Bios, we clear up troubles with science. Using a biology-first method, we look at flowers on a mobile stage to become aware of the very exceptional spectrum to optimize growth throughout all stages of cultivation. We continuously ask what growers want. We get answers, we create solutions, then build merchandise that not best offer your plants the exact spectrum they need, but fixes issues that growers face ordinary. Moisture, sturdiness, set up, fading output, bulkiness, control alternatives, toughness, and mounting flexibility may had been troubles before… taken into consideration them solved with Bios. We always begin with technology and nature— so your plants will love our lights.

Our current design ensures you’ll love them, too.

Light Spectrum Focused on Plant Biology.
By gaining knowledge of flora on the cell level, the scientists at Bios Lighting have related particular mild spectrum to key elements of plant increase.
We’ve implemented our know-how to the layout of Bios LED grow lights, and feature created cultivation lighting fixtures answers that force manufacturing and beautify quality.

Bios is centered on growing LED lights era this is subsidized via real develop technological know-how – now not bro technological know-how.


Originally Developed at NASA.
Your Indoor Growing Facility will be like the International Space Station. No… in reality.

Plants have advanced for millennia under herbal sunlight. So when NASA wanted to develop plant life in space, faraway from the rhythms and traits of lighting they see on the earth, they wanted a few outstanding and revolutionary LED technological know-how and technology. And you could get that equal science and era from BIOS develop lighting.

Nature may additionally have the excellent lighting… but BIOS isn’t far at the back of.

True Industrial Grade. Built to Handle the Elements.
We understand a issue or two about extreme growing conditions- like the South Pole and the International Space Station. So, when we designed our commercial-grade lighting fixtures, they needed to offer the ideal lighting fixtures situations on your plants in difficult indoor areas, inclusive of vertical farming and greenhouses. And with our IP66 rating, they’ll face up to humid, moist, and dusty environments. They’re difficult as nails, without difficulty cleaned, and can help lessen your upkeep and lamp replacement expenses.

Plus, Bios LED develop lights come absolutely assembled with tool-free installation.

They’re the whole lot vegetation want…

and the whole thing growers need.

Cultivator Success Stories with Grow Lights
We can let you know how our agricultural lighting offers flora the precise wavelengths they need, regardless of what level of increase they’re in, helping them grow stronger and quicker and convey more… Or how our fixtures are IP66 wet-rated and may face up to intense grow surroundings… Or how our setup and installation is unbeatably brief and smooth… Or even how our former NASA scientists dig deep into plant science, all the way down to the mobile degree, to provide the only develop lighting fixtures you could find in the marketplace these days. As scientists, researchers, engineers, and designers, we’re pleased with our products and love speaking about them.

But you need to virtually see what progressive growers have to mention…


“With decreases in our energy invoice and, increases in our normal yield, BIOS LEDs are a welcome addition to the Constellation Cannabis own family. The overall performance, durability, and performance of those LEDs made BIOS a clear winner in our search for the ideal lighting fixtures answer.”
Talk to a Horticulture Lighting Expert
Bios is devoted to assisting growers and cultivators of a wide variety be successful. We’re right here to talk – we will join you with a horticultural professional from our crew who will work with you to create an optimized lighting plan to your business cultivation facility. And it’s free. That’s how much we believe in our technology at Bios.

Why BIOS LED vs. HPS lighting fixtures
Are you thinking about the transfer from HPS to LEDs? We’ll advocate for LEDs any day… and the specialists will, too.

Maybe it’s their lengthy lifetime, electricity performance, or the full spectrum that your flora crave in each level of their boom that makes us love these LEDs…

Energy-Efficient – Lower Utility Bills
Lower Heat Output – More Environmental Control
True Industrial Grade – Production Dependability
Full-spectrum Supports All Growth Phases
High Light Intensity Boosts Yields
Industry-main Uniformity
Longer Life Span
Easily Cleanable – Even in Rugged Environments
Reduced Micro-climate Hot Spots
Glass Lens for Durability and Spectral Integrity
Flexible & Convenient Mounting Options
Vertical Grow Facility Capable

Red Wavelength Suitable for Flowering
Low Start-up Costs
Wide Coverage Broad Spacing Capable
Heat Output Reduces Humidity
Locked-in Spectrum for Certain Growth Stages
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